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Welcome to Revive Physiotherapy Clinic

At Revive Physio Clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional physiotherapy services to help you achieve optimal health, mobility, and well-being. Our clinic is staffed with highly trained and experienced physiotherapists who are passionate about improving the lives of our patients through personalized care and evidence-based treatment approaches.

We stay up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in physiotherapy to deliver evidence-based treatments that have been proven effective. We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and supported throughout your healing process.

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Musculoskeletal injuries: back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, ligament injury, post- operative care.

Many musculoskeletal injuries are overuse injuries resulting from strenuous and/or repetitive activity. Barring major complications and the potential for long-term deformities, most musculoskeletal injuries are relatively minor and rarely require an immediate life-threatening intervention.

Post operative care

Postoperative care begins at the end of the operation and continues in the recovery room and throughout the hospitalization and outpatient period. Critical immediate concerns are airway protection, pain control, mental status, and wound healing.

Sports rehabilitation :(injury prevention, on field physiotherapy)

Rehabilitation is the restoration of optimal form (anatomy) and physiology.

Geriatric rehabilitation

Geriatric Rehabilitation (GR) aims to restore function or enhance residual functional capacity and improve the quality of life in older people, particularly those with disabling impairments and/or frailty. Current rehabilitation practice focuses on function and well-being, not exclusively on disease.

Osteopathy and chiropractic manipulations

Osteopathy and chiropractic are therapies of the musculoskeletal system: practitioners work with bones, muscles, and connective tissue, using their hands to diagnose and treat abnormalities of structure and function.

Kinesio taping

Kinesio Taping Method is a therapeutic tool utilised by rehabilitation specialists in all programs (paediatric, geriatric, orthopaedic, neurological, oncology and others) and levels of care (acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient, home care and Day Rehab).

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Why You Choose Revive Physio Clinic

Our clinic offers individual, personalised care in a comfortable and relaxed environment, while simultaneously providing the latest technologies in physiotherapy.

  • Expertise and Qualifications

    There are experienced and qualified staff.
  • Facilities and Equipment

    A well-equipped clinic with modern facilities can enhance the quality of treatment.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans

    We provide personalized treatment plans for patients as per their requirements.
  • Innovative Techniques

    Our Clinic has modern, innovative and well equipped techniques for the comfort of petients.
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why choose
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What Our Clients Says

Dr Aashlesha Desai is a very good doctor, very passionate and very helpful. Always available for her patients. I have spine survical problem and very much pain in my neck and hand, both shoulders are frozen. Had a excellent recovery in my all problems. I am satisfied with the therapies provided by Dr Aashlesha Desai. Staff is also very good. If you have any problem you should really visit to revive physio clinic. Thank you so much to revive physio team.

Priyanka Shah

Dr Avanika Thakkar is excellent at her job. She comes with a lot of high experience, competency and positive energy. She has helped our family thrice and results have exceeded our expectations. The patients enjoys her sessions, feels motivated with her and pushes themselves to do more every day.

Kanak Singhal

10/10 for Revive.... I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was facing the flare up. Met Avanika for the first time but she put me at ease within 10 mins of our talks. Best part was she explained everything in so much of details and patience that i knew instantly i have come to the right people. When Aashlesha took over my daily physio workout,TENS,and needling.... She showed the same patience.Her knowledge for the field is upto date and most important thing is she understands the individual needs and acts accordingly., within 10 sessions i was free of pain after a long time. Hats off to the team Revive....i will be recommending you guys definitely.

Kinnari Gandhi

I recently had the pleasure of working with physiotherapist Dr. Aashelesha Desai post my hip replacement, who was truly exceptional. She was knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, and took the time to fully understand my condition and develop a personalised treatment plan.

Mithun Nair

Trusting only Revive Physio Clinic for all my injuries. Dr. Aashlesha and her team are very good. I will definitely recommend revive physio clinic.

Tanay Sakpal

Reviewing for Doctor Aashlesha Desai, she is hands down the best physiotherapist, she made me comfortable and my recovery has also been good so far and fast .. Really appreciate her service.

Bhawana Chandwani

We consulted Dr.Aashlesha Desai for my dads spondylosis here .Her diagnosis is very thorough and she takes good care with kind understanding in taking the patient through various exercises. We had a very good experience.

Maithili Nadkar

It is the best place and Dr.Avanika is very well experienced and knowledgeable. She has done treatment for my mom's knee surgery as well as shoulder surgery and the results were really good. Her treatment is unparalleled/unmatched in Mumbai Suburban Area. Her determination, sincerity, conviction and commitment is what makes the patient Revive, hence Revive Physio Clinic is highly recommended. I once again thank Dr.Avanika for her time and efforts for treating my mom so well.

Jay Thakkar, CMT

Great service and very warm doctors.I would like to appreciate doctor Avni Thakkar for her way of handling patients. She is quite responsive and helped my parents and husband revive from shoulder and knee pain. Kudos to the team and keep up the good work!!!!

Krupa Vora

These guys are awesome!, helped me regain mobility in my neck. Thank you to Charmi and the rest of the physiotherapy team ( Avanika & Aashlesha) who took care of me. I highly recommend them for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. These guys know their job real well! Let them know what your problem is and they will handle it of you...

Ankur Thakkar

An amazing healer. Avantika Thakkar at Revive, understands the root cause of your problem and provides the best remedies. I had a prolonged neck pain and she suggested the exercises and postural changes for it which helped a lot. Highly recommend.

rishi thakkar

Dr avni is the best physio u can visit. She helped me come out of a severe sciatica issue in which i was not able to stand for 10 min ..i had done 20 days of bed rest and was on steroids...she took one step at a time and helped me Come out this situation and guided me into right direction.pls visit her for all your physiotherapy needs.

ankit shah

We had taken treatment from Dr.Avanika for my mother legs and hands. She is very friendly and handles patients with care and affection. We recommend her.

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